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Main ImageSeller Year Vehicle KM Colour RatingCounty Highest Bid Time Left
Antique Auctions Agencies2008Mitsubishi Lancer Cargo Cs2v Auto 1.5 15185663White
  • BungomaKSH 314,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2013Toyota Vanguard Aca33 2360151713Black
  • BungomaKSH 1,478,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2012Mitsubishi Canter Fe85pg6rb11 C & C 39070White
  • BungomaKSH 1,173,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2005Bmw 318i N46 Pf71 Pf72 Auto 1995169924Blue
  • BungomaKSH 386,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Faw Ca3120 170hp661560White
  • BungomaKSH 1,987,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2009Toyota Townace S402m 14900Green
  • EmbuKSH 357,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Nissan Dualis Knj10 1990145496Black
  • EmbuKSH 340,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Nissan Vanette Skf2vn 1990350051White
  • EmbuKSH 238,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2004Toyota Vitz Scp10 990cc0Silver
  • EmbuKSH 246,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2017Toyota Probox 1.5 1490126173White
  • GarissaKSH 932,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2016Toyota Probox 1.5 149074582White
  • GarissaKSH 977,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2016Toyota Probox Nsp160 1320112938White
  • GarissaKSH 995,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2006Toyota Hiace Kdh200v-jemdy 24900Silver
  • KerichoKSH 520,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2007Toyota Aurion 200068774White
  • KiambuKSH 350,0008h 45m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33f 8226214658Blue
  • KiambuKSH 4,380,0008h 45m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33f 8226225403Blue
  • KiambuKSH 4,335,0008h 45m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33 H Body On 822683549Green
  • KiambuKSH 4,485,0008h 45m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33 H Body On 8226130902Green
  • KiambuKSH 4,480,0008h 45m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33 H Body On 8226122537Green
  • KiambuKSH 4,480,0008h 45m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33 H Body On 8226248082Green
  • KiambuKSH 4,285,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Mitsubishi Delica Van Gl Adf-skf2vm-hl5e606398White
  • KiambuKSH 225,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2016Isuzu Fvz23s With Body 9839333069Grey
  • KiambuKSH 2,500,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Toyota Hiace Kdh201v-jemdy 2980324237
  • KiambuKSH 655,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2014Isuzu Fvz 23m With Body On 9839440190Grey
  • KiambuKSH 2,157,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2014Suzuki Solio Dba-ma15s-vvt-fssq-c3168701Blue
  • KiambuKSH 459,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2003Nissan X-trail Nt30 1998285149White
  • KiambuKSH 323,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2005Toyota Estima 2438187027Grey
  • KiambuKSH 313,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2014Mazda Premacy 20 C Dba-cwffw-cj1110167190Silver
  • KiambuKSH 879,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2004Toyota Fielder Zze122r 17900White
  • KiambuKSH 312,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2013Toyota Voxy Zrr70 1980158658Black
  • KiambuKSH 1,086,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2007Toyota Hiace Kdh200v-jemdy 24900White
  • KiambuKSH 322,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2011Mitsubishi Colt 1.3l 1300248279White
  • KiambuKSH 311,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2010Isuzu Fvz23s 9839663505Grey
  • KirinyagaKSH 1,680,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2005Toyota Mark X 2wd Auto 2500122076Silver
  • KirinyagaKSH 290,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Toyota Probox 1.5 1490229238White
  • KisiiKSH 747,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2013Toyota Probox 1.3 1290192653Silver
  • KisiiKSH 372,0003d 8h 45m
    MallardAuctioneers2010Renault Premium 110000White
  • KisumuKSH 1,100,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Suzuki Apv Carry 160065765Silver
  • KisumuKSH 424,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2014Toyota Probox Nsp160 13200White
  • KituiKSH 557,0003d 8h 45m
    Mallard Auctioneers2009Mazda Bongo Sk82v 1780cc0White
  • MakueniKSH 150,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Hino Hino 300 Series Ninja - 5speed With0
  • MakueniKSH 595,0008h 45m
    Mallard Auctioneers2010Nissan Vanette Skf2mn 19900White
  • MakueniKSH 282,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Toyota Townace S402m 14900White
  • MeruKSH 200,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2006Nissan Caravan Ldf-vwe25-dae25kd3etp...447243Gold
  • MeruKSH 405,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2007Isuzu Como 29500White
  • MeruKSH 310,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2001Toyota Corolla Fielder(nze121) 14900Black
  • MeruKSH 92,0003d 8h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2009Toyota Hiace Kdh201v-jemdy 2980898334Silver
  • MeruKSH 705,0003d 8h 45m
    Mallard Auctioneers2010Isuzu Fvz 23m With Body On 9839306306Grey
  • MigoriKSH 2,000,0008h 45m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Isuzu Dmax-tfr 86 Hr With Carry Body/cov162269White
  • MigoriKSH 1,270,0003d 8h 45m
    MallardAuctioneers2015Eicher Terra 25 58830Yellow
  • MombasaKSH 1,370,0008h 45m
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