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Main ImageSeller Year Vehicle KM Colour RatingCounty Highest Bid Time Left
Antique Auctions Agencies2008Admiral Ca1020 2770cc0Silver
  • KisumuKSH 247,0004h 8m
    Mallard Auctioneers2014Alfa Romeo Mito 1360100755White
  • NairobiKSH 776,0004h 8m
    Mallard Auctioneers2013Audi A4 2000124399Black
  • NairobiKSH 1,100,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2013Bmw 520i N20 Xg11 200096937Black
  • NairobiKSH 2,050,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2004Chevrolet Aveo 14 1498cc99852Red
  • NakuruKSH 180,0004h 8m
    MallardAuctioneers2009Chevrolet Captiva 1991140500Silver
  • NairobiKSH 788,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Chevrolet Captiva C140 2.4 Mt Base 2400.64295Silver
  • NakuruKSH 1,220,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Chevrolet Cruze Ltz 1.4 Auto 1400233509Black
  • NakuruKSH 224,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Eicher Terra 25 58830Yellow
  • Uasin GishuKSH 990,0004h 8m
    MallardAuctioneers2015Eicher Terra 25 58830Yellow
  • MombasaKSH 1,370,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2014Eicher Terra 25 Tipper 58830Yellow
  • Uasin GishuKSH 1,100,0004h 8m
    MallardAuctioneers2013Faw Ca 4322 97260White
  • Trans-NzoiaKSH 930,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Faw Ca1041k2l2y 31680White
  • MombasaKSH 600,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2006Faw Ca1061 47510White
  • NairobiKSH 472,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2013Faw Ca1081 Ca10810Red
  • KiambuKSH 1,232,0004h 8m
    MallardAuctioneers2006Honda Cr-v Rd6 2360153599Black
  • NairobiKSH 631,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2012Honda Insight Daa-ze2-hlsh133407White
  • NairobiKSH 810,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2010Isuzu Frr 33l- Cab Bus Semi Luxury 8226.613561Yellow
  • KiambuKSH 1,000,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33 H Body On 8226132931Green
  • NairobiKSH 4,240,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33 H Body On 8226136890Green
  • NairobiKSH 4,220,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33 H Body On 8226134279Green
  • NairobiKSH 4,140,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33 H Body On 8226145115Green
  • NairobiKSH 4,175,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33 H Body On 8226149157Green
  • NairobiKSH 3,920,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2018Isuzu Fts 33f 8226185742Green
  • NairobiKSH 4,945,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33f 8226146767Green
  • NairobiKSH 4,000,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33f 8226206720Green
  • NairobiKSH 3,950,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33f 8226172396Green
  • NairobiKSH 3,950,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33f 8226174612Green
  • NairobiKSH 4,005,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33f 8226158928Green
  • NairobiKSH 3,975,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33f 8226214658Blue
  • KiambuKSH 4,380,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33f 8226225403Blue
  • KiambuKSH 4,335,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2016Isuzu Fts 33f 8226201836Blue
  • NairobiKSH 4,285,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2013Isuzu Fts 33f 8226180653White
  • NairobiKSH 4,240,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2014Isuzu Fvr 23m With Body On 983978750Beige
  • MombasaKSH 2,975,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2016Isuzu Fvz 23m With Body On 9839333069White
  • KiambuKSH 3,760,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2020John Deere 5055e 2wd 55hp1923Green
  • MombasaKSH 1,295,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2007Kia Sportage 2.0 M/t 2000163543Green
  • NairobiKSH 564,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2007Landrover Freelander 2 319055441Black
  • KiambuKSH 748,0004h 8m
    Mallard Auctioneers2010Man Tgx 26.440 440hp0White
  • NakuruKSH 1,407,0006d 4h 8m
    Mallard Auctioneers2014Mazda Bongo Gl Abf-skp2v-3bf311267866White
  • MombasaKSH 340,0004h 8m
    Mallard Auctioneers2009Mazda Bongo Sk82v 1780cc0White
  • MachakosKSH 200,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2009Mazda Bongo Skf6v 1990cc0White
  • NairobiKSH 395,0004h 8m
    Mallard Auctioneers2013Mazda Cx-5 Xd Lda-ke2aw-ggc610250351Black
  • NairobiKSH 1,427,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2013Mazda Premacy 2.0 L Mzr I4 20000Blue
  • NyeriKSH 442,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2009Mazda Premacy 2.0 L Mzr I4 20000Blue
  • NakuruKSH 425,0004h 8m
    MallardAuctioneers2012Mazda Premacy 20e Dba-cwefw-cb1b100Black
  • MigoriKSH 530,0004h 8m
    Eezy Cars2018Mercedes Benz Mb1730 7200cc50005White
  • NairobiKSH 7,000,0004h 8m
    Mallard Auctioneers2018Mitsubishi Canter Fe84ce6r811 4214159403White
  • MombasaKSH 1,887,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2014Mitsubishi Canter Fe85pg6rb11 C & C 39070White
  • KisumuKSH 890,0004h 8m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Mitsubishi Delica Van Gl Adf-skf2vm-hl5e606398White
  • KiambuKSH 300,0004h 8m
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