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Main ImageSeller Year Vehicle KM Colour RatingCounty Highest Bid Time Left
Antique Auctions Agencies2010Nissan Bluebird Sylphy 1500121298Silver
  • KiambuKSH 517,0001w 13h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2012Toyota Succeed 1.5 1490236580White
  • NakuruKSH 518,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Mitsubishi Delica D 5 3da-cv1w-1/c-luffz169788Black
  • NairobiKSH 520,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2005Suzuki Escudo Td54w 1990111851Silver
  • Trans-NzoiaKSH 528,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Toyota Probox Nsp160 1320217275White
  • MachakosKSH 544,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2013Toyota Probox 1.5 1490225249White
  • NairobiKSH 548,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2006Isuzu Tfs 77 D/c 29990White
  • NakuruKSH 550,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2014Toyota Probox 1.3 1290192574White
  • KiambuKSH 558,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Nissan Note Dba-ne12-dohc-tdwnr Eze12eda0White
  • MombasaKSH 564,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2003Mitsubishi Fuso Fk71h 8200cc0White
  • KisiiKSH 575,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2016Daihatsu Mira 2wd 6600White
  • GarissaKSH 587,0001w 13h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2013Toyota Vitz Dba-nsp130-ahxebo119494Black
  • NairobiKSH 621,0001w 13h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2006Ford Ranger 2500cc154934Grey
  • KajiadoKSH 630,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2016Toyota Succeed 1.5 1490166546Blue
  • Trans-NzoiaKSH 673,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Eicher Terra 25 58830Yellow
  • Uasin GishuKSH 680,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Volkswagen Touareg 3.2 V6 Auto 32000Black
  • NairobiKSH 682,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2016Toyota Passo 100049213Silver
  • NairobiKSH 687,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2019Weifang Tt704 4wd 70hp0Blue
  • NakuruKSH 700,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2002Toyota Land Cruiser Kdj95/kzj95/kzj78 29297466Black
  • Uasin GishuKSH 713,00013h 40m
    MallardAuctioneers2010Renault Premium 110000White
  • KisumuKSH 730,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2005Toyota Harrier Acu 30 2400173934Black
  • NairobiKSH 740,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Nissan Note Dba-e12-dohc Eze12vda-dp-a-a129956Grey
  • KisumuKSH 748,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Nissan Note Dba-e12-dohc-fze12vda-p-a -a105765Grey
  • KiambuKSH 748,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2017Toyota Probox 1.5 1490193565White
  • MombasaKSH 756,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2007Honda Cr-v Dba-re3-i-vtec-jzlia216189Silver
  • NairobiKSH 756,0001w 13h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2014Nissan Serena2wd 1990142122Black
  • NairobiKSH 765,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2005Volkswagen Toureg 3.6 V6 Fsi Auto 3598..143625Black
  • NairobiKSH 780,00013h 40m
    Eezy Cars2006Honda Crv 2.4 K24z Re 2400147353Purple
  • NairobiKSH 800,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2006Toyota Hilux Lan25r 2986398406White
  • Uasin GishuKSH 828,0001w 13h 40m
    Eezy Cars2015Toyota Probox Nsp160 1320148078White
  • NairobiKSH 905,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2017Toyota Probox 1.5 1490141110Silver
  • NakuruKSH 907,00013h 40m
    Eezy Cars2015Toyota Probox Nsp160 1320168841White
  • NairobiKSH 915,00013h 40m
    Eezy Cars2015Toyota Probox Nsp160 1320127547White
  • NairobiKSH 945,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2005Landrover Range Rover Sport S 360085430Black
  • NairobiKSH 946,00013h 40m
    Eezy Cars2015Toyota Probox Nsp160 1320106847White
  • NairobiKSH 966,00013h 40m
    Eezy Cars2015Toyota Probox Nsp160 1320108580White
  • NairobiKSH 966,00013h 40m
    Eezy Cars2015Toyota Probox 1.3 1290111481White
  • NairobiKSH 966,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Mitsubishi Canter Fe83cev 4d33 48900White
  • Trans-NzoiaKSH 995,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Isuzu Dmax-tfr 86 Hr With Carry Body/cov162269White
  • NakuruKSH 1,000,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2011Subaru Forester Dba-shj-avcsd5ds-mec...185747Green
  • NairobiKSH 1,027,0001w 13h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2011Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 At 2400185494Black
  • NakuruKSH 1,050,00013h 40m
    Eezy Cars2014Mazda Biante 20c Skyactiv Dba-ccffw-hp11113434Silver
  • NairobiKSH 1,060,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2015Eicher Eicher Terra 25 With Hyva Body 180Yellow
  • MombasaKSH 1,140,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2011Honda Crv 2.4 K24z Re 2400142937White
  • KiambuKSH 1,150,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2012Toyota Hiace Trh200 1990230335Yellow
  • MachakosKSH 1,196,0001w 13h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2009Audi Q7 3590cc217190Black
  • NairobiKSH 1,200,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2017Honda Stepwagon 2000178334Purple
  • NairobiKSH 1,200,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2021Massey Ferguson Mf375 75hp129550Red
  • KisumuKSH 1,215,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2016Ford Ecosport 1500cc102769Grey
  • KisiiKSH 1,231,00013h 40m
    Antique Auctions Agencies2008Scania R114 340/380 6x2 Sleeper Cab 11000White
  • MombasaKSH 1,300,00013h 40m
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